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Nearly 100

How the heck this little shop and residence has survived – it must be 80 years at least – beats me! Beulah Road, Norwood, South Australia Advertisements

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Coachbuilding catering and politics

Senator for South Australia, Alex Gallacher’s, office, and I must thank Mr. Peter Gonis in his office for the following history, and Historian Denise Schumann from the City of Norwood, Payneham and St. Peters, for her permission to include the … Continue reading

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Plumbing the depths

For many years, this abandoned Plumber’s Business still showed it’s (decaying) front. Opposite the Maid and Magpie Hotel in Adelaide’s East, it now looks as if it won’t last much longer. I’m surprised there’s still some sign painting still visible. … Continue reading

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Tin! In the absence of anything else…

Strange though it may be, this little house in Semaphore, South Australia, has a cladding made from pressed steel. The façade is pressed to look like stone blocks, while the rest of the house just has corrugated steel. Probably all made by the Lysaght … Continue reading

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More Private Castles

I’ve said elsewhere in this site that a man’s/woman’s home is his/her castle. Here’s a couple more that I’ve found. I’m impressed by the Elizabethan Garage on one…

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Glenelg – And The Vandalising Of The Old Wallis Cinema

Just some of the historic buildings in Glenelg. The Wallis Cinema – a prime example of the Art Deco Period – has since been demolished to make room for a car park. No comment.

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Street Life

Not only is there a danger of losing our architectural history; there is also the danger of losing some freedoms we now cherish. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

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Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide has a long history – the “Troubridge” serviced Kangaroo Island and many of the Gulf Ports until being discontinued. For more information on the “Troubridge”, go to this Website in the Gallery.

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Laura…And Surrounding Districts.

Laura is a lovely town, some 2-3 hours drive to the north of Adelaide. The surrounding farmlands were devastated by the drought that occurred in the late 1860’s, despite the warnings from Surveyor General, George Goyder, who said that the bumper … Continue reading

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A Man’s (and Woman’s) Home Is His/Her Castle

There’s a lot of private, and not-so-private homes and houses (there is a difference) of different styles in Adelaide. Here’s some to click on for a better view.

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