Nearly 100

How the heck this little shop and residence has survived – it must be 80 years at least – beats me!
Beulah Road, Norwood, South Australia

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Coachbuilding catering and politics

Senator for South Australia, Alex Gallacher’s, office, and I must thank Mr. Peter Gonis in his office for the following history, and Historian Denise Schumann from the City of Norwood, Payneham and St. Peters, for her permission to include the text.

This former shop and residence was built in 1868. The first owner was Joseph Peddey, a local coachbuilder and blacksmith. In 1872 the workshop was bought by Alfred Chapman an accountant and later Manager of Elder Smith. Chapman developed the property adding the parapet shop front and façade. It was described as a general store.
Alfred Chapman owned the property until 1896 when it was sold to Robert Mitten a grocer. The business would have served the mainly genteel residents of Kent Town and the workers who operated ET Smith’s Kent Town Brewery at the end of Rundle Street in Kent Town. The little shop and residence continued trading through the 1920s and up until the 1960s owned and operated by the Johanson family. 
In the 1970s a journalist named T J James and his wife lived onsite and by the late 1970s the famous Italian restaurateur and friend of Don Dunstan’s – Libero De Luca opened up the innovative “Da Libero”. Many famous personalities including Gough Whitlam and John McEnroe and rock star Tina Turner made their way to the little restaurant on Fullarton Road to indulge in De Luca’s unique “Amalfi-Australian” gastronomic traditions.
In the 1990s, it was home to “Gowries Indian Cuisine”; its final incarnation in recent years has been as an office suite servicing South Australian Federal senators. This historic shop and residence is a well-known iconic building and serves as a reminder of Kent Town’s wonderfully varied history.
Denise Schumann
Local Historian, Adelaide
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Plumbing the depths

For many years, this abandoned Plumber’s Business still showed it’s (decaying) front. Opposite the Maid and Magpie Hotel in Adelaide’s East, it now looks as if it won’t last much longer.
I’m surprised there’s still some sign painting still visible.
I’m also surprised to notice the camera on the pole at right that appears to be looking at the hotel car park. Make of that what you will.

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Tin! In the absence of anything else…

Strange though it may be, this little house in Semaphore, South Australia, has a cladding made from pressed steel. The façade is pressed to look like stone blocks, while the rest of the house just has corrugated steel. Probably all made by the Lysaght Company which began in 1918.

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Lunch Time Part 2

This sandwich bar stands deserted at what’s left of the Victoria Park Racecourse and I’m surprised it hasn’t been demolished. It’s been like this for years. Perhaps the powers that be are hoping someone will take over the concession?

Hardly likely…

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More Private Castles

I’ve said elsewhere in this site that a man’s/woman’s home is his/her castle. Here’s a couple more that I’ve found.
I’m impressed by the Elizabethan Garage on one…

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“…farther than any man…”

As I promised in my other Website, “Views From The Street”, here’s a few of the pix I took at Port Adelaide yesterday, of the replica of Captain Cook’s barque, “Endeavour”.
For more information on the ship, and what it’s doing, visit the website here.
The Wikipedia entry for Cook is here.

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Gone But Not Forgotten!

We saw our good friend, Jessie, leave Radio Adelaide on Friday, because she has to concentrate on her University Studies (good girl!).
Here’s some of the pix before we all went to the pub!
Needless to say – there are no pix taken after we got to the pub!

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I Love a Parade! Australia Day 2012

Yes I do love a parade, and this year’s Australia Day Parade through Adelaide was special because our Niece, Marianne, was leading the Fiji contingent.
And we were surprised at the number of different ethnicities in Adelaide, and not all of them were represented – so next year the Parade should be even bigger!

Apart from the first 6 or so pix, the rest are in no particular order, as I can’t remember!

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Proclamation Day

Proclamation Day 28th December, is when South Australians celebrate the founding of our Colony, and we also relish the thought that we were always a colony of free settlers and NEVER a penal colony. So the Eastern States can just “suck that up”!

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